Advantages of the technology :

The advantages of dry ice blasting lie in the properties of the abrasives. Vyhody otryskavania suchym ladom

Vyhody otrieskavania ladomNo secondary waste

Bez odpadovy sposob cistenia - Otrieskavanie ladomMethod of cleaning without secondary waste – as dry ice sublimates during blasting into gas, no secondary waste is created. Blasting process also reduces the necessity of the additional cleaning or removing of abrasive.

Vyhody otrieskavania ladomDry pocess

Machinery and equipment are operable immediately after cleaning.

Vyhody otrieskavania ladom Non-abrasive

Otrieskavanie ladom.Dry ice`s hardness is sufficient to remove impurities without harming of cleaned surfaces.Dry ice is much softer for cleaning and it do not cause disruption to the surface such as blasting with sand, slag and metal..

Vyhody otrieskavania ladom Electrically conductive

Cleaning of electrical equipment is also possible.

Vyhody otrieskavania ladomEcological

Cistenie suchym ladom - ekologicky sposobThere is no leakage of chemicals, solvents or oils during dry ice blasting. Therefore the technology is suitable for cleaning in food industry. It is fully organic and environmentally friendly.

Vyhody otrieskavania ladomEffectiveness, rate and cost

Dry Ice Blasting can be done directly in the operation, often without dismantling machinery and equipment. Routine maintenance is greatly reduced. It also eliminates the downtime caused by dirty filters, sensors or other work surfaces. It reduces costs in procurement, storage and disposal of expensive and often harmful chemicals. At last but not at least, the protection of health and the environment is increased. Efektivny sposob cistenia