How does dry ice cleaning work?

Dry ice cleaning is based on exploitation of three main factors: 

  • kinetic energy
  • thermal shock
  • sublimation

Compressed air creates kinetic energy when speed of drift   dry ice pellets  before they hit the cleaning area, may exceed the speed of sound.   Layer of dirt gets thermal shock after the impact of pellets at a temperature of -79 ° C. Pellets immediately sublimate after their penetration on cleaned surface.  This kind of sublimation is caused by change of pellet state from solid state to gas one. It can be compared to a small explosion in which the volume of CO2 pellet expands to 800 times.Forces that are created during sublimation operate away from cleaned surface and perfectly remove contamination without harming the cleaning surface.   Connection of all above mentioned forces and their proper regulation can achieve the best results. Schema otyskavania ladom

Method of cleaning Secondary waste Electrically conductive Abrasive Toxic Efficiency
Dry Ice Blasting No No No No Excellent
Sand Blasting Yes No Yes * Good
Soda Blasting Yes No Yes * Good
Water Blasting Yes Yes No * Good
Solvents/Chemicals Yes No Yes Limited
Power tools No Yes  Limited
Hand tools No Yes Limited

* Traditional materials which are used for blasting can be contaminated  when they are used for removal of  hazardous substances or objects. These blasting materials are then also classified as toxic waste and must be dust off safely.