Dry Ice Blasting is a unique method of surface cleaning and preparation in all kinds of industries, public transportation or sports areas.

Pouzitie otryskavania ladomUsage of Dry Ice Blasting in machine industry

Pouzitie otryskavania suchym ladom v strojarskom priemysle.· Cleaning molds, presses and accessories · Cleaning robots, machines, conveyors · Cleaning of spray-on spot after welding · Cleaning of returnable packaging, gitter boxes, crates and other KLT and stands · Cleaning gears, filters, actuators, wiring, air conditioning, plant and all kinds of equipment before maintenance or renovation

Pouzitie otryskavania ladomUsage of blasting in food-stuff industry

· Cleaning lines, tanks, conveyors, furnaces , baking tins

Pouzitie otryskavania ladomEnergetics

Vyuzitie otriestavania suchym ladom v Energetickom priemysle· cleaning turbines and generators · Renovation of production area and equipment

Pouzitie otryskavania ladomBuilding industry

· Removal of graffiti · Cleaning monuments, statues, stairs · Removal of chewing gums

Pouzitie otryskavania ladomRenovation of interiors damaged by fire

Renovacie po poziary otyeskanim suchym ladom· Remove smoke and soot   Pouzitie otryskavania ladomTransportation · Cleaning of public means of transport such as trains, buses, tramways, planes · Cleaning of bus or train stations and platforms

Pouzitie otryskavania ladomPrinting industry

Vyuzeitie cistenia suchym ladom.· Cleaning of offset- equipment

Pouzitie otryskavania ladomCultural area

· Renovation of monuments and veterans